Activities & Events

GSB provides a number of activities to bring together the German community in the greater Boston area. Activities include organizing academic, cultural and social events. Members will be informed about dates and locations through our events newsletter. In addition, GSB is organizing the following regular events/activities:

GSB regularly meets at John Harvard’s Brew House in a relaxed social atmosphere to meet friends and colleagues, discuss recent events and taste American water (or any other drink) 😉  Here is the schedule for the gatherings:

Spring 2017   Autumn 2017
17 Jan        22 Aug
31 Jan        05 Sep  
14 Feb        19 Sep  
28 Feb        03 Oct  
28 Mar        24 Oct  
18 Apr        14 Nov  
02 May        28 Nov

We meet at 9pm, ideally at the large table in front of the mosaic window at the high end of the pub (How to get there?). In any case, ask the hostesses for GSB and they will direct you to us. If you are the first, take a large table and tell the hostesses that this is tonight’s place for GSB so they can direct the others to us. Everybody is welcome to join! Of course feel free to bring your friends along as well 🙂

GSB regularly informs its members of interesting academic, cultural, social or job-related events in the greater Boston area. To receive the newsletter, simply sign-up here.

Newcomer Guide
If you have just arrived in the Boston area, there are probably many things you want to know to quickly settle down and feel comfortable at your new home. For all newcomers we have collected a list of information and links and made it available online.