Welcome to German Scholars Boston

GSB – German Scholars Boston is an independent organization for and of German speaking scholars, alumni and professionals living and working in Cambridge or the greater Boston area interested in Germanic culture. It comprises scientists, scholars, students, fellows, post-docs and alumni from all major universities in the area, including but not limited to Boston University, Harvard, MIT, and Tufts, as well as professionals from different companies, and people from government- and non-governmental organizations. With more than 7K+ alumni, GSB’s worldwide membership is at 11K+ now.

GSB provides a forum for its members to meet, discuss, exchange ideas and vital information. As such, GSB invites to specific cultural and social events to get together on a regular basis.

GSB’s Basic Membership is FREE. Independent of nationality, profession or background you are invited to join! Membership provides an excellent opportunity to get in touch with the German speaking community – within & beyond GSB.